Turn your
show into
membership communities

Uncut.FM has all the tools to help creators launch and scale
their token based collective.

No coding or web3 experience required. 100% free.

It's time to empower a new economy of ownership for creators and listeners alike.

Today, creators can effectively make more money off fewer fans by embracing web3. Uncut.fm is capable of generating 950% more revenue for creators than traditional CPM based models.

If you have 2,000 regular listeners and 5% of them buy multiple tokens of your show for $120 a year. You've just earned $11,400.

How much do you make from advertising or subscriptions for 2,000 listeners?

Probably $100 per month.

How It Works?
Create Tokens for FREECreate Tokens for FREEBuild a branded home base for your community, mint tokens for free, sell them to the public and let fans share in your success.
Reward your fansReward your fansThink of your tokens as magic boxes and put anything you can think of in them! Token-gated communities, content, benefits, merch…
Fast & Simple CheckoutFast & Simple CheckoutWe take care of the payment processing, fraud detection, and checkout experience. No complicated signup. No crypto-wallet required. Crypto & credit cards accepted.
Unlock your CommunityUnlock your CommunityDon’t let traditional platforms control all your listeners data. Reclaim ownership and connect directly with your super fans.
Share your Success Share your Success Pool your fans into a Syndicate and manage a collective on-chain treasury powered by the sales of your tokens.
What’s next?What’s next?We don't want to build Uncut.fm just for you, we aim to build the product WITH you. Join our Discord!
Why Uncut.fm?
Start minting for free and build your token-gated collective.
Launch your page with your own smart contract.
Add a split to your NFTs to seamlessly share revenues.
Fast & simple checkout solution that accepts crypto AND credit cards
97.5% of revenue goes back to you and your community!
Environment-friendly Polygon blockchain (Proof-of-Stake)
No complicated signup.
No web3 experiences required.
Join other creators
already thriving
with Uncut.fm!
We’re currently working with a select number of podcasters-in-residence to add tokens and syndicates to their show. If you’re interested in becoming one of them, contact us.
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